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Vernon TriggerEndless Energy, LLC has applied for a patent on a transition unit to detoxify coal into a new source of clean energy (Transcoal). The simplicity of the construction belies the relativistic mathematical complexity in the design of the Transition Unit. The corporation has patent applications in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. Our patent attorney is preparing the licensing and royalty agreements to present to the utilities and coal companies of these countries. This technology will also be available to other countries with mutually acceptable agreements. It is essential to establish an international effort to reverse toxic contamination of our planet.
Vernon Trigger understood the significance of Einstein’s Grand Theory of Relativity. He developed the physical E=MC2 into four translations into relativistic equations. He was also impressed by Nikol Tesla’s genius in understanding the impact that electromagnetic fields have on Earth. Nikola Tesla developed a secret device that extracted energy from the environment without fuel or batteries of any kind. The concept behind it lies on the extraction of radiant energy suspended and surrounding Earth. These were incorporated into the design of the Transition Unit.

This is the first patent that may be issued on an apparatus that utilizes the electromagnetic forces, generated within and surrounding earth, to effectuate the chemical recombinations of toxic matter into environmentally acceptable substances. The 1973 navy satellite, Triad, recorded significant measurements of two large sheets of electric current during its low orbit. Each sheet carried over a million amperes. The Transition Unit assembly is completely static with no moving mechanical parts and requiring no electrical or other energy inputs. The wind generator is also an apparatus that harness wind to produce clean electrical energy. The solar panel is an apparatus that is energized by the suns energy to produce clean energy. All three apparatuses utilize nature’s forces and are environmentally essential in reversing the toxic contamination of our planet.

The Transition Unit is a facsimile of nature’s transistors (volcanoes, spouts, and pipes) that simultaneously and continually change toxic substances into non-toxic, environmentally beneficial substances. In conventional chemistry, there is little consideration of why substances of the same chemical formula can be both supportive of life and also extremely poisonous or lethal. For example, methane in natural gas is odorless and kills within minutes, but bio methane (marsh gas) has a distinct odor and is not poisonous. Therefore, we cannot say that “CH4 is CH4”, or that ammonia, “NH3 is NH3.” We metabolize ammonia, whereas petro-ammonia is poisonous. “Green House Gases “display both beneficial and toxic characteristics in our environment.

Earth has a unique and complex electromagnetic spectra called the Magnetosphere. The Magnetosphere is the buffer that makes life possible on Earth and protects us from the deadly cosmic rays from the sun. The electromagnetic spectrum is generated by Earth’s rate of rotation, axis of rotation around the sun, and the axis of earth’s rotation.

The earth’s crust is called the biosphere and is biologically active with a variety of life forms. They possess internal electromagnetic energy with a clockwise rotation corresponding with the double helices of DNA, and are energy emissive. The electromagnetic fields surrounding and within the biosphere of earth, have a clockwise rotation and are energy emissive and support life. The inner earth substances, located below the geological drift, are referred to as the abiosphere. It has an OPPOSITE POLARITY from the biosphere. It has a counter-clockwise, anti-DNA rotation, absorbs energy, and opposes life.

Nature’s transistors incorporate the electromagnetic forces to build up the rich minerals and biodiversity of our biosphere. The volcanoes are essential for the maintenance of the ecosystems. The eruptions produce the fertilizer series of sulfates, nitrates, phosphates, and green house gases essential to life on our planet. They do not produce sulfuric acid or acid rain. Carbon Dioxide CO2 is common to both the biosphere (earth’s crust) and the abiosphere (inner earth below the crust).The carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by nature’s transistors maintains the required amount of CO2 in the biosphere compatible with life forms. Over millions of years, the immense biomass migrated down below the geological drift. The ecological sulfates, nitrates, and phosphates in the biomass reverted to their mineral forms during the fossilization process by the extraction of electromagnetic energy. During the process of fossilization in the abiosphere, the ecological biomass, together with toxic CO2 that is generated within the abiosphere is transformed into toxic coal. When toxic coal is burned under “brute force” conditions, toxic abiogenic gases are created. In one sense, coal is a “fossil fuel,” while in another sense; it is not a “fossil fuel”. The raw coal has little resemblance to organic biomass.

When man, utilizing “brute force’’ technology, forcibly brings up substances from the abiosphere, he ignores the natural transformation process. Everything brought up by “brute force’’ is anti-ecological. It violates every LAW OF NATURE. They are almost exclusively toxic and possess negative (counter-clockwise) electromagnetic forces. They have no life cycle, do not degrade, and become a significant part of the food chain. We must accept and learn to live with nature’s environmental forces.

The Transition Unit is an apparatus incorporating directional coordinates and precise geometrics based on Vernon Trigger’s mathematical formulas. Following the installation of the unit, at the predetermined location, the system becomes continuously operational 24 hours a day, energized by the constant electromagnetic forces surrounding the unit. Existing coal fired power plants may be retrofitted, at a modest cost, resulting in enormous savings to the utilities. The engineering development pertains to overall simplicity, not complexity.




The three previous screening combustion tests of Transcoal where conducted in 1980, 1984, and 2003, indicated the following dramatic results:

  1. A lower ignition temperature around 850°F with an optimum combustion temperature of 1,750°F. The toxic coal has a higher ignition temperature of 1,700°F and an optimum combustion temperature of 2,300°F to 3,000°F.
  2. The transisted coal (Transcoal) burned intensely with a higher energy release at a very stable combustion temperature of 1,750°F.
  3. There was higher excess oxygen for the combustion system.
  4. A significant decrease in toxic atmospheric emissions resulting in cleaner green house gases – no acid rain.
  5. There is a potential for the reduction of mercury and lead. During the combustion of Transcoal the toxic mercury and lead, form into compounds common in the biosphere and are relatively inert in the environment. The heavy metals (silver, gold, palladium, platinum, mercury, lead, etc.), are not indigenous to the biosphere, but are native to the abiosphere as molten metals and compounded liquids comprising the magma.
  6. The ash may be used as a high grade fertilizer containing numerous sulfates, nitrates, and potash compounds. The fertilizer also contains all the essential minerals.

Transcoal, a new source of clean energy, will be the dominant fuel of the future.

Endless Energy, LLC. is a small, privately held research organization. The early basic research was conducted by Vernon Trigger, P.E. in the early 1970’s. His genius was inspired by Einstein’s Grand Theory of Relativity. His greatest accomplishments were the development of relativistic instruments to explore everything from the center of earth to the edge of our solar system; and the relativistic transitional apparatus to harness the electromagnetic forces that are generated within and surrounding our planet. This new relativistic knowledge will impact all physical sciences. The basic laws of relaphysics are based on factual evidence, not theories.

We are entering a new era of Environmental Relaphysics which will supersede the following inefficient brute force technologies. They are:

  1. Atomic energy plants. They are inefficient and expensive. The nuclear waste generated is toxic, lasting hundreds to thousands of years, dangerous to our health and destructive to our environment. The recent catastrophic events in Japan demonstrate their vulnerability to the tremendous environmental and electromagnetic forces that are generated within and surrounding our planet. These events demonstrate that our brute force technologies are subservient and dominated by the forces of nature. We must avoid constructing new atomic energy plants. All present atomic plants should be decommissioned as we enter the new era of Environmental Relaphysics. We must develop a better understanding of these natural relativistic forces.
  2. Utilities utilizing toxic fossil coal. The brute force combustion of toxic coal at 2,300°F to 3,000°F is inefficient, emits toxic green house gases, toxic ash, and is destructive to our environment.
  3. Fracking technology. This technique requires injecting massive amounts of water, sand, and chemicals into the subterranean rock formations. This drilling technique produces gas and oil by cracking open the gas-bearing rocks, allowing gas to flow to the surface. The highly contaminated, toxic water and gases emitted are hazardous to our health and to the environment.
  4. Wind power and solar energy panels are inefficient to meet growing energy demands.
  5. Gasification of toxic coal does not eliminate the toxic pollutants from our environment. A plant, to be completed in 2012 in Indian, utilizing advanced gasification technology will cost $2.35 billion to $2.88 billion. The challenge is to find ways to burn coal efficiently and cleanly.

The implementation of the transition technology will reverse the toxic effects on our environment and reverse toxic global warming. The cost to install the Transition Unit system into each existing 600 Mega Watt coal fired utility is about $15 million to $25 million. This new relativistic knowledge will interrelate and impact all the physical sciences from agriculture to zoology. A modest reduction of 30% in the cost of energy will create new industries and stimulate world economies. New research facilities will have to be established to continue the application of this relativistic technology to all the physical sciences.

In the early 1980’s there were two interesting articles about Vernon Trigger written by James Donahue. You can find these articles by going to Google and typing in “Vernon Trigger.” The search will take you to the articles, “Secrets Died With Him”, and “What Tesla Knew.” These articles are very informative.

Endless EnergyI published my book in 2008 entitled “Endless Energy The Reversal of Toxic Global Warming.” Vernon’s extensive documents, to improve our understanding of our environment, were entrusted to me. His secrets did not “die with him.” We will expand his research and progress into the New Age of Environmental Relaphysics.

The future is yours, be proactive, maintain your independence, and be an informed individual. We are progressing into this new age of Environmental Relaphysics, leaving the destructive Atomic brut force age behind us.

Mankind is slow to change, in departing from ingrained ideas and taught theories; and even more so in accepting that which is strange or different and in conflict with an accepted status quo working habits.



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